Typography exists in the simplest of forms…

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Typography exists in the simplest of forms…

An Ohio farmer made his feelings about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump very clear last week, using cow manure to spell out the words “NO TRUMP” in letters large enough for planes overhead to see them.

“It’s just, [Trump] doesn’t have any political experience — not to mention, he’s a bully,” Jerry Slankard, who raises beef cattle, told the Times Reporter.

His wife, Judy Slankard, said she was unimpressed with Trump after she fact-checked statements he made during Thursday’s GOP debate.

“Nine out of 10 things that Trump said was a lie,” she said. “I think it’s down to him and Hillary. I hope and pray for the sake of my grandkids that he doesn’t get it.”

(huffington post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/no-trump-manure_us_56d5c20ce4b0bf0dab33717a )

An aerial photo of Jerry and Judy Slankard’s farm, featuring Jerry’s message about the GOP front-runner.(photo – huffington post)


We here at Orangeye have an appreciation for all forms of design, especially typography, more over when it takes such time and dedication to create the simplest of statements.

But ultimately, Typography is a pillar of design, and design is a conception of communication. The most effective design is that of a message that is clearly communicated, in a manner that is both engaging, and simplistic, which is why we think Jerry’s efforts are commendable to say the least, given the conclusions to be drawn from taking four hours to create two words made from cow manure!