Meet the Tinder of Color Schemes

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Meet the Tinder of Color Schemes

Meet the Tinder of Color Schemes

Finding colors that work well together can be, at best, a chore, and at worst, a tedious exercise in futility. Sometimes it’s hard to find that one shade that works just right for you, and then finding additional colors that work well with it. And if you need more than two colors, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Color Crush aims to solve that problem. The website presents four colors on the screen, stacked in neat little rows, with hex codes and arrows that appear when you mouse over a hue. You can then either move the colors up and down by clicking on said arrows, approve the set by clicking on the heart on the right side, or disapprove by clicking the X on the left. Popular sets are also an option, and if you’re really down, you can sign up with your Facebook account and save your favorites.

So where does the Tinder part come in? Well think about it: swipe one way to like, swipe the other to disapprove. Except instead of people with real feelings and personalities, it’s colors that don’t feel anything. So maybe it’s even a bit more human.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a good color palette, Color Crush is a great option.

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