Gadget envy: We love the Sybrillo GoPro Gimbal

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Gadget envy: We love the Sybrillo GoPro Gimbal

What makes a gadget really eyebrow-raising is when it does something that no other gadget does, when it does something better or when it combines two or more functions that haven’t yet been combined.


The Sybrillo GoPro gimbal falls into the third category, providing stability at capture, while making sure your device is safe from the elements.



When this piece of kit becomes available it could be the first with the capability to be mounted (say, on a mountain bike), capture a stable shot and keep your valuable GoPro safe. 


This will ensure that you save valuable time stabilising your footage afterwards, all the while housing your camera in a completely waterproof housing, able to withstand an immersion to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.


Aesthetically, the Sybrillo gimbal looks great and if it can perform as described, will be a welcome addition to the market.


Gimbal JPG


Android and iOS control

What makes this product truly next level are its programming capabilities which can be accessed using your Android or iOS smartphone. With these features you can pre-programme movements to the degree before you start shooting, allowing you to create smooth motion timelapses.


Jumping on one of this year’s biggest trends, VR control is included, allowing you to control the movement of the camera remotely by placing your smartphone in a VR headset.


Gimbal Bodies


At the time of writing, the Gimbal was less than $2,000 away from its $50,000 crowdfunding goal. When it goes to market, it’s expected to be cheaper than its competitors, retailing from $179 (€158).


We’ll be keeping an eye on this!