A fun website build for IBI

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A fun website build for IBI

Right down our street

The IBI is the representative body for Ireland’s independent commerical radio broadcasters.


Given Orangeye’s close relationship with the industry, most notably, our website build for iRadio, this was the perfect project for us.


After a successful pitch, we got to work on a website that could effectively educate and inform users about the body’s stations and their work.



A straightforward user experience


Ease for the user was paramount when building the website. Users can see exactly what they want from the moment they land on the page, from the industry news, to job postings to useful contact information above the fold.


Further down the page, a clickable map allows visitors to discover the stations broadcasting to each county, along with their frequencies and the option to play each station’s stream with just one click.


Not only is it a pleasingly visual user experience but it also eliminates the politics of which stations to list first.


All members of the IBI are equal and this is reflected on the site.




As with all our projects, mobile responsiveness was central when planning the overall sleek design and every individual feature of the website. As a result, the experience of browsing ibireland.ie is just as enriching on mobile as it is on desktop.



A bespoke video


The website is engaging from top to the bottom and users will notice that we could have saved the best until last.


A bespoke video celebrating the stations of the IBI grounds the page and may give radio anoraks a lump in their throat, while giving ordinary users a concise background of what the IBI is.




A rewarding project


Jonathan Duane, Operations manager with Orangeye¬†says that having free reign designing the website allowed the company’s creativity¬†to shine on the project. He says that there are some more interesting projects in store with the IBI. “We’re looking forward to continuing a our great work with the IBI and the radio industry in general”.


Watch this space!


Visit the new IBI website now