Building a Brand New Website for iRadio

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Building a Brand New Website for iRadio

There’s something very exciting about having a blank canvas when building a new website, because it means endless possibilities for the finished product.


Orangeye was tasked with building a brand new website for iRadio, which, like all other radio stations in recent years, has found itself growing from a broadcaster to a multi platform content provider.


What had been a cutting edge website 7 years ago now had archaic code with clunky architecture, which was unable to handle the traffic that was being driven to it from the station’s increasingly popular social media channels.


A website for the station and the user

The brief was straightforward: Build a unique website, which can give the user the best possible way to consume iRadio’s online entertainment and viral news while also providing a platform to seamlessly listen back to the station’s programming. Visitors to the site need to be able to locate audio, video and written content. After all, the user is king!


A cluttered website was left behind and a clean website was designed, carrying over only the still relevant features from the old site but using a completely new design.


One view that emerged during our (many) planning meetings was that the website would be about the station, its presenters and their shows. The innovation and focus on presenters, along with the station’s famously irreverent style, are evident from the moment users land on the site, where the presenter currently on air appears above the fold, pointing to whatever tab is highlighted.





Along with integrating the station’s personalities into the website, it was decided that advertisers would be represented in fresh and creative ways on the site. This will be done through bespoke innovative and interactive rich media advertising solutions which will be fun, informative and engaging for the user.


Completely mobile responsive… naturally

We know better than anyone that the new iRadio site needed to be completely mobile responsive and mobile was firmly in our minds at every stage of planning.


With some expert coding, the site’s fundamental features carry across seamlessly whether you’re viewing the site at your desk or on the bus.



Great features and a great look

Great thought was given to the content tabs and which ones to include on the site. Tough decisions were made to keep clutter to a minimum.


This was achieved through carefully thought-out categories.


Delivering everything with innovative web design was the real fun part, with sub tabs appearing as pushable buttons on a tablet.


The “Look” and “Music” sections sit within clickable tablets


A website to stand by:

Orangeye’s Operations Manager Jonathan Duane says that building the website was an enjoyable experience and one that everybody learned from. He’s delighted with the finished product: “I love the way we display iRadio’s new and hottest tracks, music news and YouTube channel within an on-screen tablet. This display was also used for the “Look” section. I think it’s a great way to show off the brand as a whole”


The site’s “Look” section


Jonathan encourages everyone to have a look: “I love the music and the catchup page, I find myself reading the ‘trending’ and ‘just in’ sections far too much!”


A happy client

iRadio’s Programme director Mark Cunning says the station’s new website exceeded expectations: “When looking at the build for our new website, at the forefront of our minds was that the user comes first.,” he says. “Just like our on air product we needed to ensure our website was current, relevant, accessible and innovative. Orangeye delivered what I feel is the most impressive radio station website in the market right now. While competitors are dragging their heels with MPUs and banner ads, iRadio’s site is content first – with lots of new and exciting additions still to be unveiled.”


Take a look around the new now