Choose Radio JNLR Q4 visual campaign

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Choose Radio JNLR Q4 visual campaign

At Orangeye, we’re proud of our established connection with the radio industry.


Ahead of the publication of the 2016 Q4 Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) results, we were approached by Choose Radio, an organisation representing Irish audio sales houses. The organisation’s aim is to inform advertisers about the effectiveness of radio as an advertising medium.


The organisation tasked us with producing media which would demonstrate the strength of the Irish radio industry as a whole, rather than having each station publicise their results individually, as was previously the norm.


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For this, we produced an interactive infographic, whose details could be revealed by hovering over one of the nine facts of the day displayed in bubbles.


As well as this, Orangeye produced a video in-house, featuring moving text graphics which combine the figures of the Q4 report with the news stories from the period covered in the report.


Instead of delivering stats, facts and figures that might lose engagement, we found the topics most relevant to the demographics and cohorts and delivered the figures using these as examples as a type of ‘Reeling in the months’.


Examples of this included Ed Sheeran’s return in January engaging 76% of 15-34 year-old listeners and Donald Trump’s election engaging 85% of 35+ year-olds. We felt that this would reach out to the demographic much more effectively and deliver the most impressive stats in a way the viewer wanted to see, effectively finding the interesting content viewers wanted to see, and tagging the stat to it. What made this approach more effective was the delivery of content that agencies saw value in sharing due to its end user focus.


We complimented the fast-moving, high-energy visual with a suitable audio mix of high-energy songs that had the word ‘Radio’ included in their lyrics, for no better reason than to have a little fun with the clip and make it more relative to the bottom line. After all, you’ve got to have a little fun.



Creative Director with Orangeye, Derek Cassells says attention to detail was key for this project: “The approach for communicating JNLR figures collectively as an industry as opposed to each radio station communicating their individual performance was an all-new one, which made it all the more important that we nail the first digital delivery.”


“JNLR books are incredibly important to all invlolved in the industry, and while we wanted to respect that and deliver what we felt were the most important top line figures of the book, we also felt that more focus needed to be placed on the secondary end viewer, the most important one, the listeners.”