R-GON Customer Insights re-brand and website build

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R-GON Customer Insights re-brand and website build

R-GON Customer Insights is a market research company with offices in Dublin and Dubai  They approached Orangeye Media and tasked us with a logo re-design and a website build for rgon.ie. The project required work from all heads in our office and, as such, it’s one we’re all proud of.


Logo and Branding

We immediately noticed huge potential to develop the company’s existing elephant logo. Our initial thought was that this brand identifier was, in fact, not prominent enough and was owed a bigger place in the company’s branding.


R-GON’s original logo


Our finished logo took the best of the old one while adding to it. The elephant alone represented strength and mindfulness; showing it in side profile with soft edges made it appear more submissive and less intimidating while its raised trunk suggested authority without intimidation.


We completed the branding with a sans serif typeface, which reflects R-GON’s ability to make a strong conclusion without meandering.

The new logo designed by Orangeye


Finally, we carefully selected colours using our Orangeye Media wheel of colour psychology, utilising blues and greens for strength, success, dignity, loyalty, trustworthiness, renewal, healing and harmony.



rgon.ie is completely functional for mobile users

A separate project in its own right, we were eager to strike the right balance in the website we designed and built for R-GON in terms of design, colour psychology and aesthetic, which was consistent with our re-brand.


We wanted to create a visually pleasing and friendly site without losing the sense of corporate nature. Ensuring that the site would be completely functional for mobile users as well as desktop users was always at the front of our mind too. As with all our bigger clients, we designed a completely different layout for mobile versus desktop.



We felt that there was a lot of information to deliver that shared importance to the user, so instead of our classic approach of hierarchy in design, we decided to break the information down into a more visually consumable form with shared importance, using icons and graphics to display some information in a top line format, while then delivering the breakdown of this information in text format which we feel really makes the amount of information much more consumable to the viewer.


A unique feature of the site is stunning drone footage of Dublin and some beautifully shot stills by Orangeye Media. This completes a perfect visual balance for a company of R-GON’s stature and values, offering the perfect level of ‘seriousness and application’.


User considerations

Client privacy was also top of the priority list for R-GON, so we built a front end login that could give varied permissions based on the status of the member. This allowed us to host surveys locally on the site for R-GON, offering clients varied access to their own information only while still keeping the general day-to-day site visitor completely closed off to any client information.

RGON.ie’s contact section


Work to proudly stand by

Zeeshan Khan, web developer with Orangeye Media says that achieving the desired result on the website was challenging at times but ultimately possible through innovative coding: “The biggest challenge when creating the site was to understand the aesthetics and art direction of the web design that could help me write a better and clean code,” he says.


Orangeye’s Creative director Derek Cassells says that he’s happy to stand by the design choices that were made on the site: “Perhaps it’s the elegant navy and sharp mint colours that offer differentiation from most other sites we see on mobile, but I really felt we designed something that offered a real sense of uniqueness for R-GON on mobile devices, and the user experience is quite well-balanced on the mobile version.”


Zeeshan says it’s a website he’s happy to put his name to: “I am very happy with the look of the finished website as it shows the hard work of all the team members who worked on this project to bring it to life.”


Visit rgon.ie.