Producing a stage intro for Kylie Minogue

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Producing a stage intro for Kylie Minogue

The Britain-Australia Society, which promotes historic links between the United Kingdom and Australia, approached Orangeye Media with a unique project in March 2017.


On 3 April, the society, of which The Duke of Edinburgh is patron, would be granting Australian singer Kylie Minogue the Britain-Australia Society Award at the High Commission of Australia in London.


They needed a video for the Australian star’s stage intro as she accepted the award and the task was something Orangeye Media was delighted to be a part of.


Condensing a career into two minutes

The brief was to create a video documenting Kylie’s rise from a young television star to a global icon. This would require watching a lot of footage from Kylie’s career including TV appearances, music videos and concert videos and selecting appropriate clips.


The final video would start with a look back at one of the Melbourne native’s first acting roles, before charting her phenomenal musical success. When introducing her lengthy music career we jumped from an early hit Better The Devil You Know, to a recent one, Into The Blue. This was followed by a wide range of her hits in between and finished off with dramatic concert footage.



Orangeye Media’s Luc O Cinnseala, a self-confessed Kylie fan says that combing a back catalogue of videos didn’t feel like work.


“Producing this video was one of the more enjoyable projects I’ve got to work on. Starting out, I had a few iconic shots of Kylie in mind, that I knew we had to use throughout. Combing through her videos gave me a chance to notice looks and dance moves which I had not paid particular attention to before, which looked great together in the final cut of the video.”