Commencing the NAAS Credit Union campaign

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Commencing the NAAS Credit Union campaign


Assisting companies to achieve their desired brand identity is something we thrive on at Orangeye Media.

A high-performing brand generally translates to a high-performing business as a whole.

So upon being approached by the NAAS Credit Union to mastermind a 12-month campaign to unveil more of the culture, character and creativity of the Humans of the NAAS Credit Union, we accepted the challenge with open arms.

After much deliberation on how to best execute this task, we came to the conclusion that in order to best showcase the merits of the Credit Union, the ideal course of action would be to simply get out of the office and observe the brilliant efforts of the organisation in action.

And what better way to kick off the campaign than by spending the day with the kids from the Down Syndrome Ireland Kildare Branch, one of the community organisations supported by the NAAS Credit Union.

Capturing the smiles

The shoot took place at Lullymore Park in Rathangan County Kildare.

Creative Director of Orangeye Media, Derek Cassells was on site for filming and was ecstatic with how the day unfolded.

‘’We shared a lovely day in Lullymore Park with the talented kids of DSI Kildare Branch. All the while capturing as much of the essence of the day as possible. We absolutely loved our day out with both the Credit Union staff, and with the beautiful people of Down Syndrome Ireland Kildare Branch!” Mr. Cassells said.

He went on to say, ‘’we felt that considering the fact the Credit Union was a financial institution by the people, for the people, that the campaign should celebrate the people, and who better to celebrate than the kids of the ‘Down Syndrome Ireland Kildare Branch.’’

Big things to come

When asked about the broader 12-month campaign as a whole, Mr. Cassells was excited about the prospect of what lies ahead:

“We want to give NAAS Credit Union customers a more holistic view of the institute’s integration with the public and how it invests its time and money into the growth of Kildare and its people.

We came up with the concept of “Humans of NAAS Credit Union,” a series of video’s celebrating the unique and wonderful personalities and characters of the NAAS Credit Union, which is one of a most personal nature.

We’re really thrilled about what’s to come.’’

The final cut of the Lullymore Park video will be available to view on the NAAS Credit Union’s Facebook page very soon.

Make sure to keep watching this space! So many exciting things are set to come from this collaboration.