Marketing to Gen Z, how is it done?

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Marketing to Gen Z, how is it done?

Generation Z… the great enigma.

The only generation in history have grown up completely immersed in the digital age…

Where it was commonplace to find a rattle in the hands of a baby 20-years ago, you’ll now find a tablet in its place. The speed of which the digital age has taken over the world is alarming. It’s happened so fast that society has barely had a chance to stop and take a collective breath.

Unsurprisingly the pace of advancement has created a real ‘cooling off’ period when it comes to business and market strategies.

Simply put, how do the older generations being the Baby Boomers and Gen X cater to the desires of Gen Z and younger members of Gen Y?

It’s not a question you can afford to sit and ask yourself for long…because at this rate, the race to even stay relevant in business is frantic.

Either you keep up, or you’re history.

So how do you keep up?

Here are a few tips that might help set you in the right direction.


Identify what makes your market tick

What motivates Generation Z is vastly different than their baby boomer or Generation X parents. Individuality is king among Gen Z, meaning you can’t implement a ‘one size fits all’ strategy when it comes to appealing to your target market.

Appealing to sub-sections within the Gen Z demographic is essential.

‘What’s in it for me?’ 

Engagement. That’s a word you’ll hear a lot when researching this demographic. The younger generation of today need to be engaged with your marketing campaign. So instead of tailoring a promotion designed to speak at them, perhaps go down the avenue of one that works with them.

Basically Gen Z like to feel like they’re a part of the promotion, not the target.


Gen Z have been brought up to believe that the possibilities in front of them are endless. A marketing campaign should reflect this. Instead of having a singular grand prize on offer, perhaps the prospect of possibility should be the clincher. Things like holiday’s work well for this, as the winner has a large say in how they spend their prize.


Your company’s merchandise is it’s voice in public. When people see the brand, hopefully it’s making a positive connection. Social media can be one of the best forms of advertising, and the best thing it’s free. If you’re throwing a promotion out in public, it only makes sense to get your merch out there too. We’re talking sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, a Millennial will upload pretty much anything onto social media. Which leads us onto our next and final tip.

If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen

That social media again… Snap chat, Instagram, Facebook… doesn’t matter which, they’re all as powerful as each other. To a member of Gen Z, their social media is more than a way to keep in touch with old friends from School and to share questionable memes. It’s their image. An online life. And they need moments to fuel this online entity. So if you’re event/promotion is deemed cool enough to be plastered all over social media, in whatever form, that’s some serious validation right there.

What has become clear over the last decade or so, is that inventiveness and innovation are the key’s to success.

The future of marketing campaigns will depend on working with the consumer more than ever before.

It’s a brave new frontier! Good luck out there.