Orangeye Media / Brasserie


Brasserie on the CornerĀ approached the team at Orangeye to create a new website that was more user friendly and told the story of their ‘farm to fork’ ethos.


While not losing focus on the task in hand, we decided that the site also needed to be more brand respective as the previous version was simply not celebrating the Brasserie brand enough.


To do this, we decided we would use a concept design of “on the corner” in a more elegant manner. We wanted the viewer to feel more ‘at home’ and welcomed while navigating the site, and we felt we could do this by centering our design around the ‘on the corner’ concept, reaching out to the accessablilty of the brand. However, we had to be careful not to portray the brand as common, so we achieved this by keeping a nice elegant look and feel to the site while also integrating some beautiful video content of the ‘farm to fork’ process the Brasserie stands by and the personal relationship the Brasserie has with its suppliers, which was key to selling the Brasserie’s USP.


28th January 2016