Orangeye Media / Evodisk


Evodisk was a novel start up product designed to deliver a wide variety of exercises and work outs all in one simple, compact product. Orangeye’s product brief included global appeal so the product needed to be designed and packaged with multinational markets in mind.


Commercial package design

Orangeye¬†had¬†two main goals in mind when designing Evodisk’s packaging: To communicate the brand, and to take the consumer through a journey into the pack, unveiling the product and and contents in order of priority, being insistent on an optimal out of box experience. Both of these factors can be effected by budget, but a clever designer can be creative around budget, that is where the challenge lies!



Instructional material

We created a user-friendly Quick Start Guide to guide the consumer through the set up process. We created, tested and developed this guide based on user feedback from controlled testing, but the end result is worth the work and ensures that the consumer comes away with an easy set up, and a positive perception of the brand.


28th January 2016