Orangeye Media / iRadio


Orangeye Media continues to service iRadio, one of its biggest clients, for all things creative like video and social media content, digital media creative, branding and all things web, like the launch of a new iRadio website.


Working with such a dynamic and popular brand like iRadio has been hugely enjoyable for Orangeye Media. We have a deep knowledge of the iRadio brand and its ever-improving performance, which helped immensely in the strive to deliver on brand creative content and digital media for the station.


This close partnership has allowed us to create some amazing content for iRadio’s partners like Vodafone, McDonalds and Smirnoff.


Orangeye made slight adjustments to the branding to improve the visual delivery of the logo in a way that was more diverse across multiple platforms but that still leveraged all of the classic characteristics of the brand.


Orangeye and iRadio shared a clear vision for the brand, which made creating design relative to the listener a very attainable challenge. We produced a contemporary new web design featuring a new more user-friendly media player. The key for the web design was to create an uncluttered, clean, clear user experience that elevated the profile of the iRadio brand.


Orangeye also delivered showreels, app design and print creatives for iRadio, all of which can be viewed here in the featured images and video clips.


And just because we could, we built a seriously addictive zombie game for iRadio’s new website for Halloween.


29th January 2016