5-digital marketing trends that will dominate 2018

5-digital marketing trends that will dominate 2018

AN ASTOUNDING 52,625 GB of Internet traffic is consumed every second. As we speak, more than Three-Billion ‘Netizens’ (Citizens of the Net), are consuming mass-amounts of virtual content. A figure which will only continue to rise and rise. The transition to the digital age is well and truly underway. And as a result, the scope for digital marketing has never been broader…

So how can your business cash in on the digital buffet in 2018?


Here are five digital trends that you can capitalise on this year:


1. Live Videos

This is the big one. It’s estimated Live Video Streaming will reach a yearly revenue of around €56 Billion by 2021. An astronomical figure.

Taking into account recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm (Which aims to keep traffic on the site). Twenty-Eighteen will be the year Live Video’s really cement themselves as a marketing asset.

So how can you benefit? You may be surprised to hear that advertisement views on a live video have been experiencing a 113-per cent year-on-year growth.

In short, go live.


2. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Thought this was dead? Nope. It’s more alive than ever and it’s set to play a big role in 2018. On average social media influencer marketing has a Return on Investment (ROI) of 11 times more than that of traditional digital marketing.

A recent survey showed a whopping 94-per cent of marketers said that influencer marketing has positive results.

It ain’t dead yet!


3. Enhanced Graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words. An Ancient proverb that’s never been more relevant than in 2018. Research shows people retain more than 65% of the details in a photograph.

Moreover, visualized content will also see a hike and dominate 2018 because 74-per cent of the marketers already use it in their social media marketing.


4. Encryption

Security is in. It’s estimated over 70% of Internet users would be in favour of targeted advertising, if they knew their personal information was safe and secure. As it stands, under 20% of net users currently feel their information is safe. Therein lays an easy way to attract customers to your online business. A safe, end to end encryption will prove to be a valuable commodity in 2018.


5. Virtual Assistance

By 2020, 85% of customer service interaction will be handled by Chat bots. And 2018 will certainly see a major rise in the amount of businesses using the technology. The benefit of Chat bots are obvious… round the clock customer service, without the cost of paying staff. It’s been estimated that Chat bots will save online businesses a collective $8 billion by 2022.

So jump on board this trend before it’s too late!

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