Galway 2020

Galway 2020

Orangeye was delighted to support Galway’s successful bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2020.


We wanted to deliver on the brief given to us and to help the Galway2020 team who had done such an amazing job to get the final decision over the line.


Our aim was to portray what was special about Galway –  its X-Factor. We felt this couldn’t be delivered in facts or figures as this was something far more emotional – so we looked to Galway’s expats.


We reached out to Galweigans all over the globe to send a special message home to the city they loved so well, remarking on what it was that they missed so much about their favourite city in the world.

We felt this was also a nice way of reminding not just our Galway expats, but our national expats, that they still remained a part of this country, and a part of this bid for capital of culture.

Our team put this together with a custom-built microsite that labelled all the far and wide locations across our small little planet where our Galway expats resided, with emotive clips of each person’s message. It was all backed by the only song we could have chosen for this production, Ryan Sheridans beautiful song ‘Home’.

The result was an emotional final production that remains the credit of not only the Orangeye and iRadio team, but also each and every expat that contributed footage and kind words throughout this very unique and enjoyable project.

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