Holiday Hero

Holiday Hero

Holiday Hero is a simple, one for all holiday booking site. The site competes with an influx of online holiday booking sites, all looking for a piece of the pie, so our main focus was to communicate a more holistic offering as a website, and as a company, following through with clever creative that motivated the consumer to holiday, and book that holiday on Holiday Hero.


We elected to use a suitcase for the logo icon. It’s globally recognised as the visual symbol for travel so it was a clear winner when it came to considering a visual icon for Holiday Hero. We wanted HH (Holiday Hero) to have its own suitcase, so began creating a bespoke version of the icon, using the straps of the suitcase to create the letter ‘H’ to represent ‘Holiday Hero’ and adding a ‘HH’ travel tag on the suitcase.


The print creatives are designed to mirror the online presence of Holiday Hero.


Continuity is key so we elected to promote print creatives in Holiday Hero’s social media layouts, using the Facebook headers as platforms for print creatives. Upcoming offers would be confined to share posts only as social media templates should be kept in line with branding at all times.

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