iRadio Web

iRadio Web

Orangeye was tasked with building a brand new website for iRadio, which, like all other radio stations in recent years, has found itself growing from a broadcaster to a multi platform content provider.


We built a unique website, which gives the user the best possible way to consume iRadio’s online entertainment and viral news while also providing a platform to seamlessly listen back to the station’s programming.

For this site we put the station, its presenters and their shows at the centre of everything. iRadio’s playful attitude is obvious from the moment users land on the site, where the presenter currently on air appears above the fold, pointing to whatever tab is highlighted.

Delivering everything with innovative web design was the real fun part, with sub tabs appearing as pushable buttons on a tablet.

Naturally, the site needed to be completely mobile responsive and mobile was firmly in our minds at every stage of planning.

With some expert coding, the site’s fundamental features carry across seamlessly whether you’re viewing the site at your desk or on the bus.

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