Moo Music

Moo Music

One of Orangeye’s most exciting projects of 2016 was developing Moo Music, a personalised media service for commercial use to the public.


We were approached by Zoo Business Media (ZBM), who wanted to redevelop their Zoo Music video music player service, which had over 200 gyms subscribed to it in Australia.

The Zoo Music Video service makes some big promises – The atmosphere and ambiance in any gym is vital to its success and clients of the service sign up expecting delivery of these promises.

Orangeye built an entirely new system from scratch, right down to the hardware. The front end and back end were built using a range of technologies like node.js, jquery, angular node and php.ubuntu.

The finished product is an effective system, with thousands of music videos on file, which delivers playlists perfectly suited to clients’ brand and audience. It’s also very easy to use.
Playback features dynamic yet seamless transitions between music video and content, which is punctuated with fun social media bursts which entertain and engage broadcast quality sound which is crisp, even and reliable.

Our web team then created a new website which brought it all together. A custom-made app by Orangeye finishes off a world-class user experience.



A new service meant new branding and Zoo Music became Moo Music.

Orangeye was then tasked with the creation of a new, vibrant ‘young’ logo that represented the ‘Moo’ tagline “Turn it on. Turn it up” successfully, while still existing seamlessly in the visual media industry. We wanted the actual word ‘Moo’ to be visually intriguing and engaging while still being legible, but we also wanted to feature graphic queues that told the story of the brand and what it represented.

To do this we played around with many different typefaces before designing a bespoke ‘sunrise/sunset’ typeface especially for ‘Moo’ that integrated graphic symbols of play and up. We used a real heavy contrast in colour but kept the colours incredibly vibrant with neutral vibrant backgrounds so that the logo could exist in many different settings.

 The end result was a brand creation that both the client and Orangeye were extremely happy with, that still resonated with the target market and balanced the stand out yet belonging of its existence.

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