Orangeye Media has #ChooseRadio trending No.1 on Twitter

Orangeye Media has #ChooseRadio trending No.1 on Twitter

Orangeye Media is once again extremely proud to be associated with #ChooseRadio – upon the release of the 2017 Q4 Joint National Listener-ship Research (JNLR) results to the Irish public. For some time now, we have had the privilege of producing the official results video for the organisation. Instead of simply producing a standard facts and figures video, we have opted for more of a ‘reeling in the years’ approach. We do this by combining the official JNLR listener-ship figures with major events from the last three months. This method allows for an extremely engaging video, while also getting the required information across effectively.


Some of the highlights from the last three months included were:

  • The Irish Rail strike on November 1st – during which 2.1 Million adults over 35+were tuned in.
  • When Leo Varadkar announced a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment – 81% of people 25-44 were listening to radio.
  • Over all an incredible 3.1 Million people listen to Irish Radio each and every day… and we hope that figure continues grow well into the future!

from Orangeye Media on Vimeo.


Creative Director of Orangeye Media, Derek Cassells, was thrilled with the final product:

“We always really enjoy diving back into this job. JNLR is a particularly exciting time for radio, especially with listener-ship constantly on the rise, so it’s great to work on a consistent ‘good news’ story,” he said.


”As with previous JNLR video content, we modeled it on the ‘Reeling in the months’ style but shortened the clip to 90-seconds. Making the video more concise and allowing for more video content in the ‘Radio in 2018’ section.”


Impressively, upon the release of the video the hashtag #ChooseRadio became the number one trending Twitter hashtag in Ireland.


”As a whole, it has been a great success which was proven as the video helped #chooseradio trend at number one on the day of release, while Choose Radio’s twitter following DOUBLED as a result!”


Now our biggest problem is bettering it again for the 2018-1 JNLR book campaign!”

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